Vocus Rewards and Recognition | A Day at Camden Yards

This guest post was written by Business Development Specialist Alexandra Carter who joined Vocus in June 2013 after graduating from Radford University in May 2013.

In April, I transitioned from the role of Business Development Associate to Business Development Specialist, where I now am further involved in the sales process.  As a BDS, I serve as a leader and example to my colleagues as I have consistently met all quantitative metrics and continue to demonstrate the character of a respected BDA.  One part of my success during my tenure of almost a year can be associated to my enthusiasm to continue to work for and represent such an awesome company.  While there truly are so many perks in working for Vocus from job satisfaction and colleague support to monetary incentives and benefits, the managerial team does a particularly great job of coming up with exciting monthly campaigns to promote enthusiasm and drive productivity.

In the spirit of the NCAA’s annual phenomenon, the business development department implemented a unique spin on March Madness that motivated everybody to work harder and hit their goals.  Over the course of March, BDAs joined three of their peers to compete in an organized tournament for the chance to attend an all-inclusive Baltimore Orioles day game with the winning half of the department.  The tournament inspired everyone to schedule more high quality meetings than their opposing peers as the prize was certainly an exciting one.  As a result, the entire department experienced an extra jolt of passion and motivation to succeed daily.

March’s campaign stimulated a healthy dose of competition between coworkers that not only helped move business but instilled a deeper sense of companionship.  Because the Vocus work environment is naturally competitive, monthly campaigns, such as “March Madness,” are designed and implemented to promote an enjoyable atmosphere that simultaneously drives BDAs to achieve their set quantitative goals.  Hearing my colleagues having great conversations with prospects, scheduling meetings, and increasing revenue for the company motivates me to perform at a higher level, contributing to my overall success and enjoyment at the company.  While it is common for sales organizations to install well rewarded goals to incentivize employees to work hard and outperform their colleagues, Vocus does an awesome job of balancing competition and fun through perks like enjoying a day at the ballpark.

Once the tournament ended, the winning BDA team was announced and headed out to celebrate the victory away from the office with fellow peers and managers.  Sun rays were shining down in Camden Yards as everyone was able to indulge in free hotdogs, popcorn, nachos, and beverages.  Relaxing in 70 degree temperatures, I watched America’s Game from the Left Field All-Inclusive Picnic Perch and shared laughs with the rest of the Vocus team.  Not only was the game itself incredible, but having the opportunity to get to know my coworkers outside of the office helped strengthen our bonds and work more collaboratively in the office.  It’s truly motivating working for a company that regularly inspires its employees to work hard and play hard.

Business Development Camden YardsBusiness Development Day at the ParkBusiness Development at Camden Yards 2


Sound like a team you would enjoy working with? Vocus is hiring Business Development Associates! Apply by visiting our Opportunities page. To see more photos of the event, visit us on Facebook.

Vocus in the Community | Support the Kidney Walk

This is a guest employee post written by Account Executive Samantha Pierce. Samantha is originally from Boston and works in our headquarters in Beltsville. Her past guest blog post on this site included her tips for young professionals in sales. 

Kidney WalkEvery year hundreds of communities throughout the country host a Kidney Walk sponsored by the National Kidney Foundation. I’ve previously done the walk in Hartford, CT with my family. This year I made the spontaneous decision to participate on May 17th in Washington D.C.

My dad is on his second kidney transplant, and if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t know how many lives this disease affects. I saw this walk as an opportunity to increase awareness of Kidney Disease and connect with other people in the area that have gone through similar experiences. To find out how you can help and to learn more about Kidney Disease, check out The National Kidney Foundation.

I registered for the Kidney Walk; with exactly a month to fundraise, so set what I thought was a realistic goal of $200. In less than 48 hours of my fundraising page going live, I doubled my goal! It’s awesome being part of such a positive work environment. My coworkers are so supportive and so is Vocus as a company. Vocus encourages giving back to the community by matching donations up to $50. It doesn’t get much better than that! Feel free to visit and share my Personal Fundraising Page to learn a bit more about why I walk.

The continued support and generosity of Vocus, my colleagues, and friends is genuinely appreciated. It’s one of the many reasons I’m so thankful that I have the opportunity to work here.

Vocus Recruiting with Instagram

When you work on a corporate talent acquisition team, it sometimes seems like you can’t have enough resources to give candidates insight into your company. The more information you can offer a candidate to prepare him or her, the better. Sure, a candidate can and should research the function of the job and, hopefully, he has looked up recent news about your company, but how does he know if he will fit in? Can he visualize himself working at Vocus? Instagram offers prospective talent the opportunity to see what it’s like to work at Vocus.

Recruiting with Instagram

Recently, I teamed up with Erin Osterhaus of Software Advice to discuss how we use Instagram to recruit. She and I discussed the boost that photos (and video) give to status updates in social. She shared with me that “recent research conducted by Buffer found that Tweets with images received 18 percent more clicks than those without, 89 percent more favorites and 150 percent more retweets. Meanwhile, another report found that Facebook posts with photos generate 53 percent more likes than the average post.”

So, what does this mean? What should we highlight as social recruiters and how can this information impact how we interact with candidates?  For me, the answer is simple: people, places, and jobs!

“Cultural fit” is a term we throw around a lot in corporate recruiting. The way a company operates and the manner in which people work has an impact on someone’s decision to apply, interview, and ultimately accept an offer. If you’ve visited our recruiting channels across social media, you’ll find lots of photos of people in and out of the office. When Instagram rolled out web pages in November 2012, I decide it was time to create an account for the Vocus Careers team because it meant we could get in front of talent whether or not they used the app on their phone. We could link to photos online. It’s also the perfect opportunity to get in front of the “Millennial” generation.

I asked Erin for her thoughts on this idea and she agrees. “For recruiters, one of the most important pieces of content they produce is the posting for their open job. Combine that data with a platform that exclusively hosts photos—Instagram—and it makes perfect sense that recruiters have begun using Instagram to recruit. By including an image in a job post, recruiters increase the likelihood that the information will be shared—both by potential applicants, as well as current employees. ”

[Flipagram is an app that allows you to put photos in a slideshow and add music or your own recorded narrative. Flipagram allows you to share your slideshow with Instagram followers. The above is just an example of how we might use it and share to Instagram.]

If you follow our team, you’ll find photos of employees, screenshots of job postings, event info, and videos (note: we have dedicated mobile devices separate from my personal phone to post on behalf of the brand) and captions that drive traffic to the opportunities on our website. If your company culture tells a story, then share it visually! Instagram offers tremendous opportunity for you promote your culture and attract talent.

Featured ImageCall blitz Photo 1 Tech Race

Do you follow any of your “dream” companies on Instagram? Tell us which ones in the comments below.

Why Work At Vocus? Let Us Show You [VIDEO]

Our Talent Acquisition Specialists present candidates with opportunities, but what they offer a candidate is more than just a job. A hiring opportunity is more than just a chance to start new projects and take on new challenges, but also a chance to work with new people, perhaps in a new industry, and to gain knowledge.

When I joined the Talent team at Vocus, I brought years of social media experience, but was new to the talent and recruiting industry. I was determined to showcase the employee experience across social media using video.  I set out to find the right team to produce this with me and stumbled upon Pounds Media on Twitter! Our collaboration just goes to show that social media can be used to engage and nurture new leads for business. After many conversations with the Pounds team, we came up with some ideas to begin telling our story.  The employee experience at Vocus sets us apart from other employers in the area. As we search for top talent to network with and ultimately add to our outstanding team, it’s important to offer a look inside the organization. Prospective employees apply to a job based on the challenging work involved, but the decision to join a company is highly based on the interactions had with current employees. A candidate may wonder, “Is Vocus the right place for me?”

We’ve uploaded the finished products to YouTube and hope to add more in the future. Check out Why Work At Vocus and Vocus Careers – Sales below:

If you’ve spoken to one of our recruiters, they’ve offered a lot of insight into the industry and the skills a specific role might require. We can also tell you about our culture. In addition to resources like our website and social platforms, but video helps us tell our story. According to Monster.com, job postings with video are more likely to be viewed by job seekers. These new videos will help recruiting efforts and the employment brand by improving our candidate experience. Stay tuned and visit our website for more careers videos from us.

Are you a job seeker who takes the time to research and company’s culture? What questions are you hoping to answer for yourself? Leave them in the comments below.

Vocus Featured Employee | Meet Andrew

Happy Friday, all! Whether you’re a current or prospective employee, the unique Vocus culture can play a role in your experience as an employee or a candidate. That’s why each week, I featured a different employee on the blog. You might get to know someone who works on your team a little better or be introduced to someone you’ve never met. This week’s Featured Employee joined Vocus almost four years ago in June 2010. Andrew, an Ohio University alum,  joined us as a Mid-Market Sales Executive for our Vocus PR product. He’s consistently been a top performer and has made it to Presidents Club twice! He’s been promoted to a Marketing Sales Manager and is currently working in our Herndon office. He’s hiring top talent to join his team of folks who sell our Vocus Marketing Suite. If you’re interested in joining our sales division, check out our Opportunities page.

Featured Employee Presidents Club 2013Q: What’s the song most played on your iPod these days?

A: I don’t have an iPod, but I do have a Wilco station on Pandora. 

Q: What’s your favorite food?

A: Pizza 

Q: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

A: DC! Now, if you could guarantee that it would be summer year-round, then it would be Chicago. 

Q: What is your most treasured possession?

A: My Rubik’s cube. I finally figured out how to solve it! 

Q: What’s the one word you would choose to describe yourself?

A: Competitive.

Q: What’s some advice you would give a new employee for being successful at Vocus?

A: Be a sponge. Learn as much as you can; from your manager, from the people around you, and from your interactions with customers. Even if you walk away from a call without closing a sale, you can still learn from the conversation and use that information to get better results from other calls in the future.

Check back on Fridays for our Featured Employee posts! Employees, I’m always looking for top talent to feature. If you’re interested in nominating someone, please email me at vsegovia@vocus.com