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Recruiting with instagram featured

Vocus Recruiting with Instagram

Are you following @VocusCareers on Instagram yet? Sure, as a candidate, you can and should research the function of the job and, hopefully, look up recent news about the company you would like to join, but how does you know if you will fit in? Can you see yourself working at Vocus? Instagram offers you a way to visualize what it’s like to work at Vocus in living color – well, depending on the filter. Read more about our efforts to attract talent using Instagram on our careers blog.

Vocus Recruiting Video

Why Work At Vocus? Let Us Show You [VIDEO]

The employee experience at Vocus sets us apart from other employers in the area. As we search for top talent to network with and ultimately add to our outstanding team, it’s important to offer a look inside the organization. Prospective employees apply to a job based on the challenging work involved, but the decision to join a company is highly based on the interactions you have with current employees. Is there a cultural fit? We’ve gathered top talent at Vocus to tell the story of our employee experience. Check them out on our blog.

Featured Employee Presidents Club 2013

Vocus Featured Employee | Meet Andrew

Happy Friday, all! Whether you’re a current or prospective employee, the unique Vocus culture can play a role in your experience as an employee or a candidate. That’s why each week, I featured a different employee on the blog. This week’s employee, Andrew, joined Vocus four years ago! Read more about him on our blog.